the voice from trenchtown.

Akeem Garrison is a Jamaican roots reggae artist who grew up in the inner-city community of Arnett Gardens, in the heart of Trench Town.

From Eight street to Trench Town High School, music has always been part of Akeem’s life. He started singing at the age of 12 when captured by the sound of the school quire, he walked in the music class for the first time. After a short period of time, he became the main lead singer and held his first performances and stage shows.

Akeem Garrison is a humble young man, thou faced tough times growing up, maintained a positive outlook on life. His life experiences inspire his music and are reflected in his songs and his lyrics.

His musical talent is supported by the Trench Town community who sees in him the new voice from the ghetto.

Recording Career

His recording career started at the age of 16 with the released of his first two singles “New Girlfriend” and “Tell dem gweh”. Both singles are produced by Bing Links Production, a recording studio based in the Trench Town inner city Angola that empowers talented youths through music.

Akeem Garrison is a conscious artist with a melodious voice that makes all music lovers flow to every beat of his songs.

In 2017 he released his first EP collection “Love Story”, a mixture of lover’s rock where he expresses his smooth emotions side with singles such as “This love’s forever" and “Why my people cry”.

In September 2018 Akeem flew to Amsterdam to record with Freddy Poncin his new Ep Trench Town Original. Titles like “Life set a way”, “Run from” and “Judgment” set the mood of his new sound, that dives deep into roots reggae music.

The first two singles are planned to be released in December 2018.